RECPHEC registered itself as a non-profit making cottage industry under the company act in 1989. Political change in the country made possible for the RECPHEC to be established as non-governmental organization only in 1991.

Ensuring equality, equity, accessibility and affordability in
realising the goal of Health for All Nepali

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Resource Centre For Primary Health Care
Thasikhel, Lalitpur-5, Nepal
P.O.Box : 117, Lalitpur, Nepal
Tel. : +977-01-5008010/15/31, Fax : +977-01-4225675
Email : recphec@info.com.np

Solidarity in Rehabilitation of Earthquake Victims

Solidarity in Rehabilitation of Earthquake Victims Collective Efforts of RECPHEC and People of Ghairung VDC RECPHEC feels happy to encourage the co-operation received from the people of Ghairung VDC where we distributed materials including mosquito net, electric torch light and sanitary kit to a total of 425 families addressing women’s need.       

Right To Health Workshop

 “Orientation/training to HRTC network on Right to Health and Identifying right to health violations/issues”   Introduction As human beings, our health and the health of those we care about is a matter of public concern. Regardless of our age, gender, socio-economic or ethnic background, we consider our health to be our most basic and essential […]

Policy Review on Advertisement of Junk Food Dissemination Workshop

Gradually the world is moving towards urbanization and living standards and life styles are changing accordingly. This change has also affected the dietary habits of people. Focusing on diet people are beginning to choose junk food over home cooked healthy food. Busy schedule, advertisements and easy market access are major factors contributing to the consumption […]


The “Ktm walks” campaign is an effort to make people realize the importance and necessity of pedestrian zone for safety, environment and health. This event initiated to create public space for safe walking and socializing by restricting motorized vehicles in different areas of Kathmandu. It is a joint effort from different organizations and is first […]