RECPHEC registered itself as a non-profit making cottage industry under the company act in 1989. Political change in the country made possible for the RECPHEC to be established as non-governmental organization only in 1991.

Ensuring equality, equity, accessibility and affordability in
realising the goal of Health for All Nepali

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Resource Centre For Primary Health Care
Thasikhel, Lalitpur-5, Nepal
P.O.Box : 117, Lalitpur, Nepal
Tel. : +977-01-5008010/15/31
Email : recphec@info.com.np

Youth Watch Groups

Each health rights & tobacco control district network has formed Youth Watch Group at community/district level in order to sensitize the community people about the law, to monitor tobacco control activities at the district level. These groups contribute in making most of the district administrations tobacco free zone in their designated areas. They regularly watch […]

Youth Volunteers for Livable Cities

A group of young and enthusiastic people are enrolled and orientated about livable cities focusing on importance of walking friendly environment for multiple benefits. Lot of ideas was thrown in the orientation program, including the ones that were presented during the Walk 21 conference in Vienna from all around the globe.

Earthquake: Unprecedented Devastation

A strong 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal with the epicenter in Barpak, Gorkha on 25th April 2015 which is about 180 km northwest of Kathmandu, followed by more than 493-aftershocks. Another huge 6.8 earthquake hit again on 12th May 2015. The earthquakes caused extensive damage on life, property, infrastructure, cultural heritage & the ambient natural environment […]

RECPHEC’s Support to Earthquake Victims

RECPHEC has been working in Gorkha district in collaboration with local NGOs since very long time addressing health issues by empowering the rural people through community partnership with socio-economic empowerment enhancing their organizational capabilities. But due to earthquake & continuous aftershocks, it has not only cost huge loss of life & property, it has damaged […]

Advocacy, Networking & Partnership

RECPHEC has been able to raise flag on different national & global forum keeping “People’s Right to Health” at the Central stage of all regional and global campaign. World Conference on Tobacco or Health: RECPHEC has been participating this conference since 2000. This year in March, WCTOH was organized in Abu Dhabi which was participated […]

People’s Right to Health

Realizing Peoples Right to Health is a main areas of advocacy. RECPHEC has been involved in this issue through different programme intervention. It can be catagorized broadly into the followings Policy Advocacy to the state, lobby and advocacy to Legislative members including leading political parties, mass awareness campaign at district and community level, media mobilization, […]

Urban Health Promotions: Effort in Making Livable Cities

Developing countries like Nepal are facing many challenges as a result of increasing urbanization. The world’s population, is quickly becoming urbanized as people migrate to cities imposing threat to health & environment to some extent. Nepal also tries to tackle these major problems, ensuring cities are livable, which creates supportive environment for healthy behaviors. The […]

Indigenous Health Promotions

Nepal has one of the diverse geographical regions & climate. It is one of the richest countries to have more than 3000-medicinal plants species. In rural areas, people first see the indigenous health practitioner, herbalist or faith healers to cure before opting for allopathic medicines. The community beliefs on the traditional healers of their knowledge, […]