RECPHEC   15 December, 2014


Details of HRTC District – Illam

HRTC District Illam
Address Illam Nagarpalika-6, Singhbahini
Contact person Prakash Prashad Poudyel
Contact number 027-520445


Mobile number +977-9852680455
Fax number 027-520445
Board Members Praksah Prasad Paudyal (President)

Mahila Jagaran Sangh

Bishnu Shrestha ( Vice President)

Sungava Bikash Sanstha

Mana Neupane ( Secretary)

Nari Bikash Sangh

Sudip Shrestha(Treasurer)

Nepal Parivar Niyojan Sanstha

Activities carried out till now by HRTC District – Illam

  1. Health right and Tobacco control workshop on 2065/02/30 by Dr. Kesab Raj Sikdel. (31 participants from 26 different organizations were present)
  2. Meeting on 2065/8/15 at Biratnagar in presence of Mr. Dipesh Rai and Dr. Nir Singh Kumar Khatri.
  3. Interaction program on the challenges and solutions of HRTC programs on 2065/09/23. (Presentation by Dr. Nir Singh Kumar Khatri and Dr. Niraj Rainiyar).
  4. Due to Vehicle strike participants from Illam couldn’t attend the workshop on tobacco control, organized by RECPHEC on 2066/01/13 and 2066/01/14.
  5. Signature Campaign was organized on 2065/11/01 in initiation of RECPHEC. (1395 signatures were collected)
  6. A Workshop was organized to minimize drug abuse among youth on 2066/01/30. (Presentation by Sudip Shrestha and D.S.P Bhim Prasad Dhakal)
  7. Street Drama was organized on World Tobacco Day -2066/02/17.
  8. Radio Jingle program was broadcasted for four months flowing the awareness message about consequences of tobacco use through F.M station. (Financial support was provided by RECPHEC for three months Radio Jingle and one month’s cost was supported by the FM station)
  9. Awareness Motorcycle Rally was organized flowing the awareness on tobacco use and drug abuse on Anti Drug day-2066/03/12.
  10.  Thematic Workshop was organized on 2066/03/26 which was supported by RECPHEC. (Presentation by Dr. Nir Singh Kumar Khatri and Prakash Prasad Pokhrel_
  11.  Interaction program was organized on Role of Civil Society in the absence of Tobacco Control Law. ( The program was also broadcasted by local F.M station)
  12.  Interaction program with saving and Credit groups on free health service. (The program was also broadcasted by local F.M station)

Activities completed till now by HRTC district in association with RECPHEC

  1. Radio Jingle
  2. Half an hour radio program
  3. Focal Group Discussion
  4. Thematic workshop
  5. Youth watch group formation
  6. World No Tobacco Day celebration 2010 (Orientation by youth groups/poster presentation)
  7. Public Hearing program 2011
  8. Interaction program on FCTC and Tobacco Control law 2011
  9. World No Tobacco Day celebration 2011
  10. Mass Rally 2011
  11. Door to door Campaign 2011
  12. Participated in the Regional Workshop 2012 orgnaised at Jhapa