RECPHEC has been publishing health newsletter Bhalakusari bi-monthly &Women’s health tri-monthly since 1989. RECPHEC has also been publishing different advocacy & IEC material on different health issues. The main purpose is to provide user-friendly information on health, gender & development issues & women’s rights at community level through its different communication channels. These materials are used for awareness rising at community level & capacity development & advocacy on the people centered policy decision at central level. It is circulated in primary health care, Health Post & development units in 75-districts of Nepal. It is primary distributed to District Health Office NGOs, INGOs network, Women’s Development Section & District Health Office. It is also mailed to service providers to interested persons. It is circulated in literacy classes. It established as a most effective & credible health source newsletter. It has been noted that health workers had relatively better access to the newsletters which also served as tool for their continuous education.