South to South Voluntary Exchange Program: Inter country Learning Experience

  RECPHEC   06 May, 2016

South-to-South Exchange Program is granted by FK Norway under FK South-to-South Exchange scheme.This South-to-South Exchange Program is initiated to develop new ties between South Asian NGOs working in the field of primary health & environment through exchange of knowledge and skill. It aims to strengthen & enhance capacities of participating NGOs in the areas of research, advocacy, field activities & fundraising techniques, networking capacity building. Further this project will pave the way for a stronger understanding & cultural solidarity amongst the South Asian NGOs.The project’s duration is of 3-rounds. This round of project started from July 2013 & will end on July 2016.
RECPHECNepal–coordinating partner for this partnership consists of 5-organizations from 5-different countries namely: Work for Better Bangladesh TrustWBB Trust (WBB), Bangladesh, Daliyon Ka Dagariya (DKD), India, Lanka Jathika Sarvodaya Shramadana Sangamaya (Inc.), Sri-Lanka, Myittar Resource Foundation (MRF), Myanmar.

Second Round of Exchange Program:The second round of project started from August 2014-July 2015. The exchange took place between 5-organizations with a total of 5-fellows from RECPHEC-Nepal, DKD-India, WBB Trust-Bangladesh, Sarvodaya-Sri Lanka & MRF-Myanmar.

Mr. Purna Duwal from RECPHEC, Nepal went to Myanmar and he helped to setup Information & Communications Unit. Information were collected on constitution, different laws on NCD, tobacco, public health, conflict, interfaith, women & gender issues from different sources. The collected information was classified accordingly& subjected& fed in computer as database. Similarly, Mr. Soe Myint from Myanmar came to Nepal & learned about proposal writing & resource management & shared his experiences on various primary health care issues at RECPHEC Nepal. Hari Singh Rawat from DKD India came to RECPHEC Nepal helped in strengthening local NGOs on health, environment & livelihood, basically focusing & sharing his expertise on farmer’s field school in outreach program areas of Udayapur, Saptari&Gorkha Districts. Other 2-volunteers from Sri-Lanka went to Bangladesh.

Home Coming Seminar: The second round of exchange ended on July 2015. The participants attended the home coming seminar at Bangkok to share their learning, knowledge & experience as FK volunteer staying for a period of one year in the host country. After that they are back to their home country and are involved in the follow-up activities for a period of one month.

Mid-term Review Meeting: Mid-term review meeting of the project was held in Colombo, Sri-Lanka from 18-19 January 2015. The meeting decided that the 3rd round the volunteer exchange program will take place between 4-organizations with 5-fellows,2 from RECPHEC-Nepal, 2 from WBB Trust-Bangladesh, and 1 MRF-Myanmar. From the third year onward RECPHEC’s partnership ended with Sri-Lanka.

Third Round of Exchange Program: The third round of project started from August 2015-July 2016. The exchange took place between 4-organizations, 5-fellows, 2 from RECPHEC-Nepal, DKD-India, 2 from WBB Trust-Bangladesh & 1 from MRF-Myanmar. From RECPHEC Nepal Ms. Sanam Shanker & Ms. Srijana Bhatta went go to DKD-India India, From WBB Trust Mr. Aminul Islam & Mr.Samiul Hassan Sajib came to RECPHEC-Nepal and from MRF Myanmar Mr. Nyan Lin Kyaw went to–WBB Trust, Bangladesh.

Monitoring Visit: Mr. Shanta Lall Mulmi &Ms. Rosy Adhikari, FK program coordinator made a monitoring visit to MRF Myanmar on January 2015 & gathered feedback from the Nepali participant stationed in Myanmar. Explored the possibility to send new participants, discussed the progress & problems related to MRF registration etc. Mr. Shanta Lall Mulmi & Ms. Rosy Adhikari also visited the Rakhain State of Myanmar to learn about the outreach activities of the MRFspecially on Internally Displaced people.

Most significant change resulted from exchange on institutional level:

1. A Farmer Field School program of DKD India has recently being replicated in Nepal which has shown significant results & feedback from farmers has been very positive. Hence, RECPHEC would like to continue this program.
2. Farmers Field School has been established in 3-districts of Nepal
3. An exposure visit was organized for the Nepali farmers of outreach program area to DKD India to learn about climate resilient agriculture.
4. A research wing has been established in the WBB.
5. A social media unit has been established under a media section & the participant has been assigned to handle it in Sarvodaya Sri-Lanka.
6. An information & communication unit has been established & a staff assigned to operate the unit in MRF, Myanmar
7. The partnership also sees a potential for scaling up the activities of the project, to other institutions/organizations through increased volume of activities & participants during a new FK supported collaboration agreement.
8. FK Volunteers got field level experience in rescue, relief and rehabilitation programme for earthquake victims.