Advocacy, Networking & Partnership

  RECPHEC   06 May, 2016

RECPHEC has been able to raise flag on different national & global forum keeping “People’s Right to Health” at the Central stage of all regional and global campaign.

advocacy3advocacy2World Conference on Tobacco or Health: RECPHEC has been participating this conference since 2000. This year in March, WCTOH was organized in Abu Dhabi which was participated by Mr. Shanta Lall Mulmi and Ms. Manjushree Maharjan from RECPHEC. This conference has been able to further strengthen our network on FCA member also with the youth leader. During this conference Mr. Mulmi contributed in different scientific sessions where as Ms. Maharjan participated in different youth events.

It is worth maintaining here that this conference confirrred “Bloomberg Initiative Award to the Nepal Government recognizing its decision to increase Pictorial Warning to 90% of the total area of tobacco products package. Health & Population Minister Mr. K R Adhikari received the prize.

International Public Market Conference: Ms. Kamana Manandhar, Program Officer, Urban Health Program participated in an international conference held at Barcelona from 16th-17th March 2015. The conference focused on new trends & innovations for the preservation & revitalization of public markets internationally from temporary open air markets to permanent market halls to 24/7 bustling market districts. Ms. Manandhar gave a presentation on study on mapping conducted in Kathmandu Metropolitan City in the opening session.

Global Fund: RECPHEC since last 6-years is working as sub-recipient of Global Fund on HIV/AIDS awareness campaign especially to migrant workers. Despite of the success of this program in meeting the target, the Save the Children closed down the program leaving hundreds of thousands of migrant workers deprived of service. RECPHEC gave farewell to all project staff with appreciation certificate on 9th April 2011.

NCD Alliance, Nepal: In order to create public awareness & also to pressurize the government for effective NCD program with resource mobilization as a part of Global NCD Alliance, NCD Alliance, Nepal was formed. Mr. Shanta Lall Mulmi, has been elected as the Vice President of the Alliance. This Alliance is a network of likeminded NGOs committed to contribute on Non-Communicable Diseases issues. The Alliance is chaired by Dr. Prakash Raj Regmi from Nepal Heart foundation.

advocacy1WHO South East Asia Regional Meeting on Strengthening NCD Civil Society organizations: WHO, South East Asia Regional office organized a 2-day regional meeting on strengthening NCD Civil Society Organizations in its New Delhi office on 9-10 July, 2015. Mr. Mulmi participated from the civil society organization of Nepal in this meeting. This meeting encouraged to strengthen NCD Alliance Nepal to launch campaign on non-communicable disease to make the people aware. This interaction with the chair of Global NCD Alliance has been instrumental in formulating plan of action to address the cause of noncommunicable disease.


Bread for the World in Nepal Partners Meeting: Bread for the World Partners meeting was held in Nepal to address the changed political context of Nepal & also to brief on the governance & management system of BftW. A 2-day partners meeting was organized in Kathmandu from 22nd-23rd September 2015. This meeting was participated by management head & finance chief of the BftW partner organization.

Ms. FranziskaHoffmam’s Visit: The Chief of South Asian Desk of the Bread for the World Ms. FranziskaHoffmam visited RECPHEC on 24th September 2015 & discussed with Mr.Mulmi on partnership program for the next3-years. During the discussion, Mr. Mulmi informed that in the context of federal system under the new Constitution of Nepal(draft) & UN call for Sustained Development Goal, 2030 the activities for the next three years have to be revised.

WALK 21 Conference: Mr. Shanta Lall Mulmi, Executive Director & Ms. Kamana Manandhar, Program Officer, Urban Health Program participated in the international conference held at Vienna, Austria from 20-23th October 2015. The conference focused on new trends & innovations to create & promote walking with infrastructural developments & policies. “Ktm Walks” campaign initiated by RECPHEC along with other partner organizations won the “Walking Visionary Award”.

In this conference, Mr. Shanta Lall Mulmi and Ms. Kamana Manandhar gave separate presentations on RECPHEC intitatives on addressing “Pedestrian Rights” including Kathmandu Walk Campaign.

advocacy5National Convention of the NGO Federation of Nepal: The NGO Federation successfully convened its 8th National Convention from 23rd-24th November 2015 & elected new Executive Board under the leadership of Mr. Gopal Lamsal. The convention was inaugurated by Rt. Hon’ble The Prime Minister Mr. K P Oli. During the convention Mr. Oliconferred “Jagadish Ghimire Social Service Award to Manohari Sikas Sanstha, Makwanpur for its outstanding contribution in social field. RECPHEC Executive Director Mr. Shanta Lall Mulmi was the chair of the selection committee.


Nepal Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAPA): As one of the founder of NAPA contributed actively in special program organized to facilitate SSP of Traffic Police Mr. Jaya Bahadur Chand on his contribution on effective implementation of making alcohol free driving (mapase).

The program started with the welcome address of Mr.Mulmi with the presentation on the statistical data on the substantial decrease of road accident after the initiative of Alcohol Free Driving. It has been statistically proved the decrease of more than 60% of road accident due to this initiative by the Traffic Police.

Health Bridge Regional Partners Meeting: A regional meeting of partner organization of Health Bridge was held at Bangladesh from 25th-30th December 2015. In the meeting, the all the partner organization from India, Bangladesh and Nepal (RECPHEC) share their project activities & planning for the next phase. This meeting
provided us the opportunity to learn the experiences from each other from different region. Ms. Kamana Manandhar,
Program Officer, Urban Health Program participated in this partners meeting.